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WyrdCon Summit Book: Call for Submissions

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In June of this year Live Effects and the LARP Alliance are holding WyrdCon One. In addition to live action role playing games there will also be the first North American LARP Summit, featuring a lineup of notable LARP theorists, critics, craftsman and designers who will explain their art and demonstrate their creations in both interactive panels and hands-on workshops. As a part of this event we're soliciting for articles for a PDF book that we'll be putting out in conjunction with the summit. This PDF book will be comprised of articles, essays and other written works revolving around the summit's theme "What is LARP in North America?" with a focus on the history of LARPing in the Western Hemisphere, its current state with both national and regional emphasis, the nature of LARP itself, and its future.

Article authors are welcome from all styles and genres of LARPing, both veteran and new players. We want to capture LARPing in as many of its different forms as we can. If you are interested in contributing to this publication please have your article in no later than April 20, 2010. All contributors who have their articles published will be sent a copy of the PDF whether they attend the convention or not and before it's released to the general public post convention via the web.

If you want more information on the summit or want to find out how to participate as a summit panelist/presenter please contact Rick McCoy, LARP Alliance President, at talerian_swordsinger@yahoo.com or call him at (951) 809-1091.

Submission Guidelines can be found here: http://www.wyrdcon.com/documents/summit/SubmissionGuidelines.html

Submission Deadline: April 20, 2010

Please send your submissions, questions or other summit book related inquiries to summit@mortalisrpg.com.

- Amber E.
LARP Alliance BoD member
Summit book editor
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