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rpg_review's Journal

RPG Review Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is the RPG Review community for LiveJournal. This is a forum for anyone and everyone to submit their opinions on different games, be they positive or negative. Since this forum is going to involve the personal feelings of those who are posting, some rules are going to have to be set down in advance.

Rule Number One : No one's opinion is any better than anyone elses.
You can disagree with someone's opinion of the latest RPG if you like, but there will be no personal attacks allowed. If you don't like someone, then email them privately.

Rule Number Two : All role-play games are potential topics
I don't care if it's a table-top game, a live action role-playing game, a console game or a computer game. If it qualifies as being an RPG, you're welcome to discuss it here. This includes release dates for games, new companies that are opening up and schedules for LARPS. All aspects are fair game for discussion, if you'll pardon the pun.

Rule Number Three : The moderator has total power.
This isn't a democracy. Not even close. I and those I put onto the moderator's list have delete control over this forum. Don't make personal attacks and don't post too far off topic and we won't hassle you. Play nice, kids. This is all a game too.

That being said, welcome to the RPG Review Forum! Post to your hearts' content!

-- Arkhamrefugee, moderator